Sweets of popular green tea flavor in Japan

mammy 「I wanted to ask a look also to the people of overseas has created a English article. Since English is not good I am using the translation software. I’m happy and get to have an interest in Japan.」

kitkat Matcha

kitkat Matcha

kitkat Matcha2
Price: 100 JPY

Very popular overseas tourists.

Chocolate candy Kit Kat Popular in Japan.

Haagen-Dazs:Matcha red bean flavor

Haagen-Dazs Matcha

Haagen-Dazs cross-section
Price: 360 JPY

Haagen-Dazs black honey matcher Tsubuan Milk has become a four-layer.

Black nectar source is simmering.


Lotte Choco Pie luxury Matcha

Lotte Choco Pie luxury Matcha

Choco Pie of the cross-section
Price: 78 JPY

Flavor of green tea is goes well with chocolate.

White bean is in the sand that was cream.

new product! (2015/01/27)


kinokonoyama Matcha Milk

kinokonoyama Matcha Milk

kinokonoyama Matcha Milk Contents
Price: 210 JPY

It has become a two-layer of green tea and milk.

It is a delicious bitterness and milk sweetness of green tea is matched.

Collon Matcha


Contents of Collon
Price: 126 JPY

Texture of light cream.

Mild bitterness is delicious.


Alfort Matcha

Alfort Matcha

Alfort Matcha Contents
Price: 100 JPY

Fragrant and biscuits compatible with the best.

And like dying Matcha.


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